State of AI in Africa Report

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The State of AI in Africa report by The AI Media Group South Africa, offers an analysis of the emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape in Africa. It contains multiple statistics and trends while offering insights on key communities driving the ecosystem and the AI investment dynamic across the continent.

This 32 page report will appeal to; analysts, enterprises, channel managers, governments, VCs, investors, NGOs, Embassies, trade missions & regional promotion agencies who are seeking deeper insights about this rapidly growing frontier tech market.

Content & headings

  • Foreward
  • Introduction
  • At a glance summary
  • The global view
  • Africa by numbers
  • Notable communities
  • Company type Vs Industry segment
  • Company size Vs Year founded
  • Investment landscape
  • Who is trading in Africa
  • Conclusions

Sample page from Sate of AI in Africa Report

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State of AI in Africa Report

27 ratings
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